Live Animals

NCM - 01029090

Below is the way of trading calves from Pará for export.
FOB Port of Vila do Conde
Sea Freight on behalf of the customer (We can do the logistics work separately).
Travel expenses paid by the client.
Form of Payment:
30% at the end of the contract and 70% after shipment.
Deadline for delivery of the animals:
30 to 45 days from the contract and confirmation of payment of entry.

Procedure of value per ton and carried out on the scale of the port, the trucks enter weigh in full at the entrance and weigh empty at the exit, the difference and the weight of the calf that entered the ship, then the control is carried out by the team of the same port port operators being valued per ton.
Animals have a weight range of 220kg to 280kg because we have to have a margin of more to less.
1 - Buyer sends the LOI, in the name of NK LOGÍSTICA LDTA.
2 - Seller sends the SCO;
3 - Buyer sends ICPO + Proof of Funds;
4 - Seller send FCO;
5 - Buyer sends signed FCO;
6 - Seller sends the Contract;
7 - Buyer / Seller sign the contract;
8 - Buyer pays 30% directly to the exporter's account;
9 - delivery of animals and made on the ship and shipping documents;
10 - After the delivery of the documents and delivery of the boarding animals, the buyer pays 70% to the exporter.
Regarding the final values, it will be done only in the weighing according to which they are delivering to the ship.

All veterinary monitoring of the calf (animal) is carried out by the exporter until the time the calf enters the ship, all responsibility for the health of the animals, the length of the entire health protocol according to each country and done by the exporter.

Quarantine day;
Quarantine opening;
Verification request from the Ministry of Agriculture;
Animal health since entering the port and loading the animals and on behalf of the exporter.
As soon as the animal enters the ship, the responsibility passes to the importer (buyer) and the freight forwarder.
The FOB value, corresponds to all port costs, delivery all until shipment and on behalf of the exporter.
The buyer client will have to give us all information regarding the ship, arrival of the ship, all guidelines for arrival at the port and the food inside the ship and on behalf of the client (buyer).
FOB (free on board) - delivered free on board.

In this operation, the seller's responsibility ends when the goods cross the ship's rail at the indicated loading port and, from that moment, the buyer assumes all responsibility for losses, damages and expenses, from confirmation on board to the final destination of the goods.
The seller is responsible for customs clearance for the export of goods. This term can be used exclusively for waterway transport (sea, river or lake), the responsibilities are divided as follows:
In the country of origin (seller's country)
Packaging - Seller
Identification - Seller
Cargo at Origin - Seller
Shipping in the country of origin - Seller
Home Country Insurance - Seller
Export Rights - Seller
Inspection - Seller and Buyer
Specialization - Seller and Buyer
Customs bureaucracies - Seller
Storage - Seller
Shipping costs - Seller
Stowage - Seller